Celebto Travel Experience


Create Inquiry

This will help us to know your preferences. Celebto Travel Researchers will then gather a list of most awesome locations, luxury hotels, events and activities in the area. Celebto will then assign a buddy who will contact you as per your convenience.

Finalize Itinerary

Your travel buddy will work with you to create a personalized itinerary that includes your food preferences, preferred travel mode, type of hotels, events, and tourist attractions. They will also take into account any special requests you may have, such as a surprise beachside dinner. Your travel buddy will update the itinerary until you are happy with it.

Reserve Itinerary

Your travel buddy will share with you a final cost for your itinerary and a secure way to pay. Reserve your itinerary by making a payment to Celebto.


Managed Bookings

Celebto buddy will manage all the bookings on your itinerary. If you need anything from any of the bookings, your buddy will contact them and get you an answer. You will not have to deal with each service provider individually. Celebto buddy will be available for you 24x7

Ensuring Awesome Experience

Celebto buddy will be tracking your progress though your itinerary. Your buddy will contact each service provider and ensure your requirements are fulfilled upon arrival. Celebto will ensure restaurants we choose adhere to your food preferences. Celebto will also share interesting facts and knowledge about places you will be visiting.

Safety First

While you are on vacation with Celebto, based on your location your buddy will always be able to help with nearest local assistance in case of any emergency.